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PureMadi is a nonprofit organization that collaborate with University of Virginia‘s students and faculty. PureMadi use low cost materials such as clay, water and sawdust. This technique is called as Ceramic Filter Technology.

“To prevent waterborne disease through educating, training, and empowering resource-limited communities to produce and distribute an innovative point-of-use water technology.”

In order to produce ceramic water filters, there are few steps need to be done before ceramic water filters can be used.

  • 1st Stage
    • At this stage, clay are collected from local deposit need to be dry and rocks are removed from the clay by hand. The clay is then grind into powder form for future use.

  • 2nd Stage
    • At this stage, sawdust from local sawmill needed to be sieve before using it for future use.

  • 3rd Stage
    • The processed clay and sawdust are mixed with water with particular ratio.

  • 4th Stage
    • The clay and sawdust mixture is pressed into pot shape using filter press and they needed to air-dry before moving to next step.

  • 5th Stage
    • The air-dried filters are placed in either a wood-fired or electric kiln with temperature of 870˚C. This process will allow sawdust inside clay and sawdust mixture will combust which create pore space. The filters is then cooled.

  • 6th Stage
    • The filters need to two tests to insure their quality. Filters that failed either one of the tests above have to be destroy.

  • 7th Stage
    • The filters that passed both 2 tests above are air-dried and the filters’ surfaces are painted with colloidal silver solution. They are air-dried again and packaged for distribution.

After few years, PureMadi introduced new invention called “MadiDrop” during its one-year celebration event. MadiDrop is in tablet form and is a small ceramic disk impregnated with silver or copper nanoparticles.

Check out more information on PureMadi.


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