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Perak Water Board

Perak Water Board or Lembaga Air Perak (LAP) is corporate organization that started under Perak Water Board Enacment 1988. The purpose of Perak Water Board is to provide water supply services in Perak.

“To supply clean water to meet the needs of the population, both urban and rural, and the requirements of commerce and industry.”

In order to produce clean water for Perak state,few steps need to be taken

  • Raw water resource
    • At this stage, raw water from Sungai Perak which close to plants is obtained.

  • Screening
    • Raw water that obtained from earlier stage go through screening that separate physical materials such as wood, sand, grass and etc.

  • Aeration
    • Raw water is then pumped to cascade aerator. The action is perform to increase oxygen content and get rid smell and taste of the water.

Water will undergo Flocculation, Sedimentation, Filteration, Chlorination, pH adjustment, Fluoridasi, Clean Water Tank, Water Quality Monitoring before the water reach Water Distributation System to be use for citizen of Perak.

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