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Newater is brand name of reclaimed water produced by Singapore’s Public Utilities Board. Newater filter all used water using technology called”Water Reclamation Plants”. It collect and treat all the used water in Singapore based on international standards. Newater has passed more than 150,000 scientific tests and Newater fulfill WHO(World Health Organisation) requirements.

“By 2060, NEWater is expected to meet up to 55% of Singapore’s future water demand.”

In order to produce Newater,all used water have to undergo 3-steps treatment at NEWater Plants.

These 3 steps are Microfiltration, Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet Disinfection.

  • Microfiltration
    • At this stage, used water that contain microscopic particles including bacteria are filtered out.

  • Reverse Osmosis
    • At this stage, undesirable contaminants from filtered water on earlier stage are now removed. The water at this stage is called high grade water.

  • Ultraviolet Disinfection
    • The water is passed through ultraviolet light to ensure that there is no remaining organisms. Chemicals are also added into the water to restore its pH balance. The water that gone through all the processes above is called Newater and is ready to be used!

Newater that was produced has 2 usage which is non-potable use and indirect potable use

Non-Potable Use
Indirect Potable Use
  • Newater is mainly used for industrial and air-con cooling purposes at different fields as Newater is ultra clean. Wafer fabrication plants is biggest user of Newater as it require water quality that is even more clean than drinking water.
  • During dry periods, Newater is mixed with raw water from reservoirs. The raw water form reservoirs is treat at the waterworks before it delivered to consumers as tap water.

Check out more information on PUB Newater.


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